Bama’s Lane Kiffin Likely Taking Parts of ‘The Process’ to Florida Atlantic

Lane Kiffin has been apart of Nicks Saban’s ‘Process’ at Alabama the last three years as the Tide offensive coordinator.
Kiffin of course is leaving after Bama’s playoff run to take the head job at Florida Atlantic.
No doubt Kiffin will take some elements of ‘The Process’ with him, along with a few other life-lessons from Coach Saban.
Said Kiffin:”He said to me before. You know Lane, I can take good news and I can take bad news, but don’t give me surprises. I think that really explains a lot of “The Process’.”
Reporter:”What’s the happiest you recall Coach Saban being during the game with the offense or play-calling or something like that.”
Said Kiffin:”The happiest? So I don’t recall a happy moment. I just recall the ass-chewings.”(laughter)

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