Barber College Opens in Chattanooga

"Without a job, it is hard to survive around here and cutting hair is a different trade. Even if you are in jail, you can still cut hair and make money," said Timothy Baker.

Chattanooga barber, Timothy Baker, has been cutting hair in the area since 1991, and he saw a need in the area when he realized that there was no other barber college’s in the city.
"And I have been trying to get this school going for like 3 years."
After 3 years of work, the school finally opened its doors and has its first class of students. And for his students, the opportunity means a lot for giving them a chance to learn a trade, become entrepreneurs, and fulfill dreams…..
"For me, it means a lot to me. I started cutting when I was 11, and it has been my passion.  I have ventured off a few times, but it has always been what I have wanted to do and grow from it means a lot, and it is going to help me feed my kids," said Marquell Crutcher.

Derryk Willingham said "It more started for me about a couple of years ago, and it grew onto me. And once I latched onto and found out there was a barber school opening here and it was black owned, I had to hop on it and be a part of history."
Mr. Baker said that being able to help his students and teach them a trade is his way of giving back to the community.
"I feel like this, I’m willing to help anyone. I feel like this summer no one should go without a haircut.  If you need a haircut, just come by here and we will get you taken care of."


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