Barnes Building Vols Roster Back Up After Disappointing Finish Last Year

The Vols 2021 basketball season didn’t go quite as planned.
There were high hopes with possibly two NBA first round draft picks on the team.
But it appears that head coach Rick Barnes has built the team back up this off-season, which should once again create high expectations next year.

After finishing with a Big Dance Dud, Vols coach Rick Barnes was eager for the off-season because if felt like a return to normalcy.
Said Barnes:”The spring was good for us. Again we didn’t have one of those last year at this time.”
Be hard for Barnes to build off last year’s team because there’s not much left. Graduation, transfers, and the draft depleted UT’s roster.
Reporter:”Over the course of your career have you ever delt with this much turnover?”
Said Barnes:”Well have we had it before? Yes. I’ve delt with it. We got down one time. We only had four players in our program at Texas.”
Reporter:”Do you expect anymore attrition from you roster in terms of players departing?”
Barnes:”No we don’t think so.”
Barnes has reloaded his roster with the top recruiting class in the SEC, including two five star recruits.
Said Barnes:”The way that I think this team is built. I like to think that we’re going to be able to rebound the ball better because we’ll be bigger. I think we’ll shoot it better, which is important that we do that. More importantly just the fact that hopefully we’re going to get back to a normal year.”
And if Tennessee can get forward John Fulkerson back to normal as well…look out.
Said Barnes:”It was really tough watching John have to go through the kind of year he went through this past year. Those things that happen that you really have no control over. It’s tough to watch. That’s why again, we’re excited to have him coming back. Will we count on him to lead the way? Absolutely. I think he’s going to come back in a big way.”

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