Battleground Tracker to cover 2018 midterm races

Title card for the CBS News Campaign 2018 Battleground Tracker, which will report seat counts in the race to control Congress this fall.

CBS News

Last Updated Jun 1, 2018 4:41 PM EDT

As the midterm elections for control of Congress and statehouses heat up, the CBS News/YouGov 2018 Battleground Tracker reveals what matters: the seats that will decide the race. 

While many other polls focus only on national percentages, the CBS News/YouGov Battleground Tracker shows how many seats each party is winning at the moment and, more importantly, takes you inside those districts to tell you why. Tracker surveys show voters’ motivations, what they think about both national and local issues, and what they want from the next Congress. 

This much seems certain: 2018 will be a tight battle in districts and states coast-to-coast, with arguments on immigration, the economy, the president, and the future of the country atop peoples’ minds. Can Democrats keep up their enthusiasm and turn out new voters? Can Republicans ride a good economy to keep their majority? What impact will the President have?

The Battleground Tracker uses a large-scale survey of voters across the country, concentrated in the competitive House districts. Modeled using those voters’ preferences, as well as campaign and district-level factors like demographics, the Battleground Tracker will keep up with any changes throughout the election in all 435 districts.

Be sure to tune into “Face the Nation” throughout the election for the latest election polling, and all the analysis to match.   

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