Baylor Coach Austin Clark Still Sporting His Original 1982 Red Blazer For Games Against McCallie

Chattanooga-(WDEF) Vols coach Donnie Tyndall has announced he will carry on the tradition of wearing an orange blazer against rival Vanderbilt.

Baylor coach Austin Clark has picked up on the blazer wearing tradition too, saving a red blazer for when Baylor plays rival McCallie.
   When Austin Clark played basketball for Ray Mears at Tennessee, the players and coaches wore orange blazers.
So the seed for a flashy color blazer was planted when Clark came to Baylor in 1982.
"Everybody had red blazers from 7th grade to 12th. We were all boys. I said boy that’s really a neat looking thing. I believe I would like to have one of those jackets. So I bought one, and I thought, where am I going to wear this other than just Mondays. I thought the Baylor-McCallie basketball game would be a great idea." 
   Most of the comments Clark gets about his blazer come from McCallie kids.
"McCallie students get red blazers and a mustache to put on their faces and dress like it, which I thought was really good."
  The blazer Clark is wearing today is the original from 1982.
"I’ve had this so long, you can actually see it’s a little tight on me."
    One of Clark’s teams bought him a new blazer, but apparently it didn’t have majestic powers like the original.
"The next year I was going to wear it out of respect for them. The first two games of the year, McCallie beat us. My son, and I forget how old he was at the that time, he said Dad, why don’t you go back to the original blazer.  So I did. We ended up upsetting them on their floor in the region semifinals that year. That was the year we went to the state finals, so it has been on ever since."
   Clark says the blazer just adds more fun to the Baylor-McCallie rivalry.
"I think it’s my way of showing respect to Baylor and McCallie. It’s a classy tradition, and I think the blazer is classic."

  The only other time Clark wore the red blazer was when Baylor played for the state title.

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