Baylor Volleyball Team Moving Up National Rankings With Undefeated Start

Chattanooga-(WDEF) After finishing third in the state tournament last year, the Baylor volleyball team appears to be on a mission this season.
The Red Raiders are currently undefeated and climbing the national rankings.
Baylor is ranked 5th in the latest poll from MaxPreps.
The Baylor volleyball team has jumped out to a sizzling 28-0 record this season, a mark the team really didn’t see coming.
Said junior Sarah Sumida-“We weren’t expecting to be this good considering we lost one of our best players Haven last year.”
Said head coach Sarah Lail-“I think I knew we would have a very good team. I just didn’t know we would be playing at this level that we are so early in the season.”
Baylor built some early confidence after going 9-0 in a super tough tournament in Knoxville.
Said Sumida-“I think winning the Early Bird Tournament really boosted our confidence. There were a lot of good teams there. We hadn’t won that tournament..ever, and especially beating Brentwod, who we haven’t beaten in 20 years or so.”
Baylor’s performance so far this year has truly been dominating.
Said Lail-“We’ve only lost one set this year. We were up 24-19, and it just kind of slipped away. We learned a lot from that. We learned that we have to finish every game.”
Baylor is an imposing team with a front line that averages nearly six feet tall.
Said sophomore Ally Craig-“I would imagine we are intimidating. You see someone, and they’ve got to be a few inches taller than you, and they look aggressive.”
Said Sumida-“Yeah, we hear wow, they’re really big. They get scared of our front row.”
Added Lail-“It’s definitely an advantage before you even get on the court. Just their presence makes you have to think about maybe chaning your shot or what you are going to do against them.”
If the Red Raiders can maintain their consistency, then they hope to collect the big prize.
Said Craig-“State is the ultimate goal here. We’re working really hard every day for that for state.”

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