Baylor’s Cooper Kinney Expected To Go in MLB Draft

Chattanooga-(WDEF-TV) The Major League Baseball Draft gets underway this weekend, and one Chattanooga player who should hear his name called is Baylor’s Cooper Kinney.
The left-handed hitter is one of the most decorated players in Red Raiders history.
He was recently named the Gatorade high school player of the year in Tennessee.

Said Kinney’s Baylor teammate Luke Courdin:”He’s just built for the MLB.”
That’s quite a scouting report from one of Cooper Kinney’s high school teammates.
Said Courdin:”The work ethic is probably a big one. He’s always working out. Always hitting. And then the attitude is another big one. He pushes himself hard.”
Said Cooper’s father and Baylor coach Mike Kinney:”Well he’s a left-handed hitter and does a good job of being able to compete against really good pitchers.”
Last month during a workout with the Atlanta Braves, Cooper blasted one out of Truist Park.
Reporter:”I mean that’s a pretty big deal in itself to go to those major league teams and work out for those people.”
Said Kinney:”Right. You know it was really fun for me. I got to show what I do. I worked hard for them. I think I just tried to be myself, and that was really something I tried to focus on. I felt like that was a good thing.”
Kinney enjoyed an outstanding senior year batting .480 with 10 homers and 50 RBI’s in helping Baylor win the state title.
And when it comes to playing the field, Kinney is not pigeon-holed at one position.
Said Kinney:”I think being able to move around and play different positions is something I’ve done my whole life. Being a coaches kid. Being able to play wherever, and you know play hard for my team. It’s something I’ve done my whole life. I think it’s going to carry on to that next level.”
For now, Kinney awaits his draft selection, and then he will decided if he’s going pro or going to college at South Carolina.
Said Kinney:”You know I’m really excited either way it shakes out. Just going to put my trust in God, and then just let it play out. See how it rolls. I’m really excited either way.”
Said Mike:”Whether the MLB likes him or not, it’s really not up to me. I’ll be excited if they do. Just looking forward to the opportunities that we’ve got for him.”
Said Courdin:”I know he has been working hard for this. It’s always fun to watch hard work pay off.”

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