Baylor’s Phil Massey Enjoys His Coaching Journey

Baylor coach Phil Massey opened his 16th season as the Red Raiders head football coach last Friday. News 12’s Rick Nyman recently caught up with Massey for glimpse into his coaching journey.

Phil Massey was a business major, but his major passion was football, so he couldn’t say no to coaching.
Said Massey:”I think it was that first year after I graduated that I had an opportunity to go back and coach middle school at my alma mater because they would ask different alums a lot of times to come back and help coach in the middle school. Going through that fall season I fell in love with it. Next thing you know, I’m coaching and trying to get my masters in education. Doing all the things I needed to do to prepare myself to be a teacher.”
Massey’s love for the game shows up well before kickoff.
Said Massey:”I usually like to put out the pylons and kind of walk the field usually after our pre-game meal and after our meetings I’ll come out and put out stuff. Even my wife asks me like, you’ve got other people. Why can’t they do that? No. It’s what I want to do. It’s just something you kind of get accustomed to. Being a public school coach, I got used to where I was doing everything, and so it’s just sort of a rhythm I’ve gotten to.”
Reporter:”Best coaching advice you ever got?”
Said Massey:”If everybody is happy, you’re not doing a good job. That was my father who gave me that advice. I think what he meant was the fact that you’ve got to be your own person. You can’t try to make everybody happy. You’ve got to be who you are.”
Massey has met some the biggest names in college coaching, and there’s one familiar coach Massey always enjoys seeing.
Said Massey:”It goes all the way back to Coach (Phil) Fulmer. Just his personality and how he made you feel. Relaxed. Made you feel important as well. He has always been. When I think back, he has always been one of my favorites.”
Massey has coached several talented players, and one in particular left a big impression on him.
Said Massey:”In Brownsville I coached a kid named Corey Moore. He went on and played at Virginia Tech. And by the way, Corey won the Ray Nitschke award his senior year at Virginia Tech. Was a third round pick of the Buffalo Bills. His senior year, we’re getting in the playoffs, and I thought well I want to rest him for a little bit, so I took him off a couple of special teams. And he got so mad at me that I just thought well it’s not worth it. All right get back out there. And so that’s kind of the attitude you want your kids to have is to be able to wherever we want you, go out and give great effort and a hundred percent.”

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