BBB says Beware of Holiday Scammers

It looks like Old St. Nick isn’t the only one to look out for this Christmas, as president of Chattanooga’s Better Business Bureau, Jim Winsett, said scammers are on high alert, especially during the holiday season.

"It is a giving time of year," said Winsett, "Unfortunately we have people that try to take advantage of others during the holiday season."

Most scam artists choose to use door-to-door solicitations, phone calls or even the Internet to pose as fake charities asking for donations. "Just always be conscious of your surroundings," Winsett warns, "Being conscious of what you’re doing… so that someone doesn’t take advantage of you in some way."

Winsett also suggests first visiting the Better Business Charitable Giving website before making any large donations for the holiday. The website offers important information on any national charity organization. Also clicking here, and simply entering the name can verify any local Chattanooga charity.

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