My Best Me Health Tip: How Different Body Shapes Can Reveal Your Health Risks

There are two different body shapes and it’s important that you understand the differences so you’ll know where you fit in. If most female gain their weight below the waistline, we refer to that as the pear shape.

Most men gain their weight in the midsection and that’s the apple shape. This is where the danger is because this is where heart disease, diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol develops. When you gain it in the midsection, most of the problems develop when you go to bed at night because when you lay down, gravity develops. So if you’re gaining 20-30 pounds in the midsection and you lay flat on your back, it’s gonna shift up or toward your chest cavity causing all kind of discomfort at night. You’ll have a hard time breathing, snoring, causing damage to your heart, so we need to lose the belly.

Don’t worry about the scale as much as you should worry about your pants size and how you feel overall. Get out and walk about 30 minutes a day and drink a half a gallon of water a day. For more information check us out on the My Best Me page.

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