Bethlehem Center holds surprise retirement party

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – The Bethlehem Center celebrated a big retirement Thursday.

David Meredith is retiring, effective July 22nd.

Meredith served as the Director of Educational and Spiritual Development.

Center officials held a surprise reception in his honor Thursday afternoon.

During the event, Meredith explained exactly why he took the job.

He said, “So I was glad to get to the Bethlehem center so I can talk about God all day, every day, to every body.”

Meredith added, “And especially to try and instill God in them [the kids].”

His retirement ceremony took place right after a showcase performance.

That was a performance of “Our Hidden History: A History We’ve Forgotten.”

Tune in to a future What’s Right with our Schools segment to see that showcase performance.

Learn more about the Bethlehem Center here.

The Bethlehem Center has a mission statement.

It says: “We are God’s people, empowering inner-city youth and families to lead responsible lives by providing discipleship, education and leadership development.”

The center is located on West 38 Street.

Its website says the Bethlehem Center traces its roots to two women.

They were from different walks of life.

But they both submitted to God’s call to care for the fatherless.

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