Bike Lanes in Chattanooga

Chattanooga, TN (WDEF) – Protected bike lanes are popping up all over the country, and progress is being made on Chattanooga’s first…

Chattanooga Department of Transportation Administrator Blythe Bailey said, "It’s going to be on both sides of the road, and we have finished the curbing on the west side."

Broad Street was identified about two years ago as a location for the lane, and now, that vision is coming to life.

Bailey said, "Broad Street had space for four lanes, one of which was used for on street parking and three of which were used for moving vehicles. We are using the 3rd lane for on street parking and the former on street parking lane for a bike lane."

So cars will lose access to one lane, but bikes will have a lane of their own, which should make access to down town easier.

Bailey said, "One of the things with downtown is it’s hard to access, and foot traffic is the most valuable kind of traffic."

The project is designed to get the most use out of the area.

Bailey said, "Broad Street is big, and we don’t have enough traffic to warrant it being as big as it is, so this is basically getting more functionality out of the existing street network."

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