Bill Proposed to Lower Minimum Age for Carrying a Handgun

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – Currently, the minimum legal age to carry a gun in the state of Tennessee is twenty-one.

But that could that could change with a new bill submitted by State Representative Chris Todd.

If passed, House Bill 1735 would allow anyone over the age of eighteen who has not been disqualified from owning a gun to carry one, whether open or concealed.

While the bill’s sponsor, Chris Todd, did not provide comment on potential law, Hamilton County’s Yusuf Hakeem believes introducing the legislation is a mistake.

“The realty is that this is the wrong bill for the time we live in. And What I mean by that is, when we look at all the mental health issues we have, when we look at all the tensions in our nation, at this time, quite frankly, to lower the age would be to open up ourselves to more violence,” said Hakeem.

The bill sets broad parameters for who can carry a gun, but it limits where a gun can be carried. Specifically, guns cannot be carried in schools or on college campuses.

While the proposed bill puts emphasis on the age of the person purchasing a gun, some here in Hamilton county argue that the more important factor is proper training.

“I would really have no problem with an eighteen year old. I would just hope that they would want to get some training, and not just pick up a gun and go do what they want to go do with it without learning,” said Bob Drews, Manager of Shooter’s Supply in Hixson.

Whether the bill passes or not, Drews feels the key issue is the responsibility of the gun owner.

“I wish people would consider training more and more. I don’t want to restrict them from having it, but please go get some training so you know what you’re doing with it and don’t put other people’s lives in danger,” said Drews.

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