Biloxi Shuckers Prove to be Southern League’s Ultimate Road Warriors

Chattanooga-(WDEF) The Biloxi Shuckers are homeless.

The Milwaukke Brewers Double-A affiliate has played every Southern League game on the road this year because their new home stadium isn’t finished.
And now the Shuckers road show has stopped in Chattanooga to face the Lookouts.
  When the Shuckers learned of their mega long road trip before the season, they tried to maintain a can-do attitude.
Said outfielder Kyle Wren,"Try to tackle it head on and be positive about it. I think our team has done a really good job of that."
    Then of course there’s always that one guy who says, oh man, this sounds like fun.
Said pitcher Brent Suter,"I was personally excited for it. I’m a big adventure guy, so I love being on the road. I love hanging with my teammates in the hotel room."
    Wren admits the schedule has become a grind.
"You’re always waking up not knowing what day of the week it is. What day of the month."
   The Shuckers should have a luggage sponsor on their team bus.
Said Wren,"Yeah, I got a bigger bag because I knew we were going to be on the road for 55 games. I had to pack a little bit more clothes than you usually do for a five or ten game trip."
Reporter-"Can you tell everybody has bigger luggage than normal?"
Said Suter,"Yes. Yes. Especially this last trip because we normally have the clubbies going with us taking a U-Haul, following us around with our baseball stuff. But they went to Biloxi after this last trip, expecting us to be down in Biloxi on June 6th. We didn’t have that U-Haul going with us, so we had to put some bags in the seat area where we were sitting or where our empty seats were. That was a little bit tougher."
   While the road trips may be tough, it hasn’t affected the Shuckers play. They’re in first place in the Southern League South.
Said Wren,"We have a very talented team. So we’re not going to make an excuse of playing on the road like we’re not doing good because we’re playing on the road. We want to win games. We’re taking it as a challenge, and so far, we’re doing great with that."
Added Suter,"Can’t go a day without thanking the good Lord for letting us play baseball everyday."
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