Black Voters Matter bus tour comes to Chattanooga

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – A Black Voters Matter bus rolled up to Miller park Thursday afternoon.

“The primary goal is to build power and we believe that there is a lot of ways of doing that. Registering voters is part of that process. Having voters turnout to actually vote because it doesn’t do us much good if folks register and they’re not coming out and so we also try to mobilize voters to actually turnout. Part of how we do that is by talking about the issues, by talking about the issues that people have shown that they are very passionate about,” Black Voters Matter Co-Founder, Exe. Dir. Cliff Albright said.

They joined Concerned Citizens for Justice and give their support for the organization’s push to create a Citizens Oversight Board.

“As people look around and see what the city maybe trying to do on its own people should not get confused and think that what they are trying to create to police themselves is really the kind of solution that we need to really get true safety and accountability for our community,” Albright said.

On the current ballot, there is an amendment people can vote on about the Chattanooga Police Advisory and Review Committee, but according to the CCJ, the Civilian Oversight Board is not the same as that committee.

“With COB, it is populated by members of the community by grassroot organizers and volunteers,” CCJ Organizer and Core Member Jude Afolake Olubodun said.

The CCJ is getting signatures to try to get it on the March 2021 ballot.

They said that they will be reaching people by knocking on doors and going to the polls.

They are shooting for 6,000 signatures.

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