Blackhawks help pitch National Guard recruiting at UTC

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – The Army National Guard landed two Blackhawk helicopters on Chamberlain Field at U-T-C, today.

According to service members, the landing was a demonstration of some of what the national guard does.

The demonstration was also intended to catch the eye of any students who might be considering service in R-O-T-C or the national guard.

Staff Sergeant Jacqueline Hogan tells us “This is one way that we can advertise that, to say ‘hey, if you guys have ever been interested in serving, please come and find me, because I’m here on campus, in the military science building.”

The national guard held a smilar demonstration at UT Knoxville last week.

In addition to R-O-T-C students, some civilians were given rides in the choppers.


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