Bledsoe Co Seeking Another Successful Season

2020 was a year to remember for Bledsoe County.
First ever 10-0 regular season.
Now the Warriors look to stay on top in 2021.
Bledose County has the 30-in-30 spotlight.

After the best season in school history, what can Bledsoe County do for an encore?
Said head coach Dewayne Tabor:”We just want to try to work as hard as we can and obviously want to duplicate that every year. You know 11-1 is good no matter where you’re at. We want that to be the standard.”
Said running back Cadillac Siever:”We always need to have the confidence that we are the defending region champions, but we also need to know that nothing is going to come easy. We have a target on our back this year, and we welcome it.”
Graduation hurt the Warriors, but the cupboard ain’t bare.
Said Tabor:”We lost a lot of offensive and defensive linemen. We lost a thousand yard back, but we’ve got our quarterback coming back that was about 900 and 900 as a dual threat. Cadillac Siever is back. He was close to a thousand (rushing), and he was our leading receiver.”
Said Siever:”I feel like we are more confident in the pass game. I mean Harmon is a great quarterback. We have some great skill, so I feel like we’re more confident in the pass game. Our offense is way more balanced this year I feel like.”
It’ll be a rock’em, sock’em region for Bledsoe with the addition of Meigs County.
Said Tabor:”Coach (Jason) Fitzgerald and I have talked about it and laughed about it a little bit. I don’t know if this is funny to me with Meigs and Marion an Tyner.”
Said quarterback Harmon Keith:”We added Meigs and Marion. Both are really good teams. It’s going to be fun to play in this year for sure. It’s going to be a lot of good games.”

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