Boyd Buchanan Riding With Size And ‘Tough as Nails’ Quarterback

To hear the Boyd Buchanan talk, it sounds like head coach Jeremy Bosken has been in the lab concocting this year’s team.
Said quarterback Mason Ratchford:”Matthew Stone at running back. A freakin’ animal.”
Said tight end Karson Gay:”D-line is insane.”
Said Ratchford:”Our offense. We’re fast and violent.”
You also want to be big, and the Bucs will roll out some size.
Said Gay:”D-Line is massive this year. I think we’re going to be really good on the line. I’m helping out there too. It will be fun with Colby and Brody over there. We’ve got other guys. Jacob Shockley. They’re all helping out. It’s great.”
Said Bosken:”We have a lot of experience coming back on the front line. The O-Line and the D-Line. We have. I would put those guys up against anybody right now, and they’re experienced. Their selflessness. I mean we’re probably eight or nine guys deep.”
Mason Ratchford has the honor of playing behind the big line after winning the starting quarterback job.
Said Bosken:”He’s a dual-threat, and he’s tough as nails. He’s one of our defenders on our soccer team that went to the Final Four. He has played goalie, so he’s used to the pressure kind of deals.”
Said Gay:”Has a lot of versatility. He can make a lot of plays on his feet. He can throw really good. He has got all the mid-range and deep stuff.”
Said Ratchford:”Just trust my guys. I got great receivers. Got great O-Line. I just stay composed. A team player.”

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