Blood Assurance And Carter Bloodcare Announce Major Software Development Partnership

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (PRESS RELEASE)— Tennessee-based Blood Assurance and Carter BloodCare—one of the largest blood programs in Texas—are partnering in the development of a sophisticated software system designed to meet the complex needs of modern blood banking. The Blood Bank Information Management System (BBIMS) will ensure the accurate, efficient and compliant management of all aspects of operations, including collection, processing, tracking, distribution and blood product inventory management. Developed by Chattanooga-based Duley Hopkins & Associates, Inc. for Blood Assurance, BBIMS is 510(k) approved as medical software by the Food and Drug Administration.


“Meeting today’s needs with tomorrow’s technology helps ensure we are providing the safest, most convenient experience possible for our donors,” said Rick Youngblood, president & CEO of Blood Assurance, whose centers have utilized the BBIMS software for more than eight years. “We are extremely grateful for the opportunity to partner with Carter BloodCare and share in this innovation, which has the lifesaving potential to transform this industry and empower blood centers across the board.”

Pictured left to right:

Rick Youngblood, Blood Assurance, President & CEO

John F. Germ, Blood Assurance, Board Chair

Larry Hopkins, Duley Hopkins & Associates, Inc., President & Co-Founder

Dr. Merlyn Sayers, Carter BloodCare, President & CEO

Fred Disney, Carter BloodCare, Board Chair


BBIMS guarantees quality assurance from start to finish for both donors and blood banks—from the automated donor interview questionnaire to blood unit testing and final delivery, the software closely monitors blood products each step of the way, substantially reducing the window for human error.


Implementing feedback from select partner users like Blood Assurance, the Carter BloodCare Information Technology team has had significant experience with blood bank software development and has the expertise to ensure the BBIMS functions will meet the current and future demands of the most technologically advanced blood programs.


“It is imperative that blood programs have confidence in their information management systems,” said Dr. Merlyn Sayers, president and CEO of Carter BloodCare. “BBIMS will ensure that confidence.”


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