Blood Assurance Kicking Off 2023 With New Incentives


CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- To kick off 2023, Blood Assurance is ringing in the New Year by celebrating National Blood Donor Month.

They are rolling out two new initiatives called “The Heart of Gold Platelet Club” and “The Blood Assurance HerO Club” respectively.

They are designed to increase donations of blood platelets and Type O blood.

Max Winitz, media relations coordinator for Blood Assurance, said that, “2022 was such a challenging for us for platelets and type o blood. I can’t remember a day in 2022 where we had more than a two day supply of O positive and O negative. We’ve been in a really critical spot throughout the last year. We are certainly hopeful that these initiatives will help that.”

Those who participate in the programs will receive special prizes for donating a certain amount.

This is the 53rd annual National Blood Donor Month.

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