Bloodiest week in Chattanooga this year

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee(WDEF) – The past several days in Chattanooga have been anything but quiet thanks to seven different shootings.

The shootings left five people injured and killed 41-year old Charles King, 41 and Cedric Mikes,31, both of Chattanooga.

"In the two murder victim cases we have two vehicles. They have both been processed for evidence and we have recovered physical evidence and our investigators are pursuing that physical evidence as well as witness testimony to try to find who is involved in this violence," said  Chattanooga Police Chief Fred Fletcher.

The violence continued to make many people feel unsafe, especially kids in neighborhoods where shootings have become common occurrences.

WDEF talked to three young teenagers in the Alton Park neighborhood where the latest shooting occurred Thursday morning on the 300 block 38th Street.

"This weekend, I heard like five gunshots down there by the store and we have to the back street to run."

"It’s not safe out here. I can’t walk around. Like I have to stay in the house and lock the doors."

"Well I try to be in at nine because there’s constant shooting, violence."

Those kids told WDEF that there is so much fear on the streets that it’s common to see other kids packing heat.

"Smaller kids are having guns and knives and pistols and it’s just not safe for anyone any more."

"We got to carry a pocket knife to help us stay around."

And on the streets, staying around means staying alive by any means necessary.

"Feeling unsafe for anybody, especially our children is unacceptable. This police department and I personally are committed to doing everything we can to help them feel safe. It’s why I was out making notifications to people involved in these shootings. It’s why I was personally meeting with the family members of victims. I went to a house that had bullet holes in the front wall. That’s heart breaking and it’s unacceptable," Fletcher said.

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