Bob Corker reflects on national issues & Tennessee politics

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – Tennessee senator Bob Corker is a nationally-known political figure, but also a former Chattanooga mayor and businessman.

He was back in the city today for a speech to a chamber of commerce group, and his comments covered both local and national issues.

Former Tennessee governor Phil Bredesen, according to the latest poll, is leading U.S. representative Marsha Blackburn by 10 percentage points.

They are going after the seat Senator Bob Corker is giving up at the end of his current term.

Corker told his audience that a lot of things can change between now and the fall general election.

As mayor, he worked closely with Bredesen.

“We’ve had a lot of interaction together, I have a lot of respect for him. And I’ve know that he would be a formidable candidate. The republican nominee has been in congress now for many, many years, served in the house, certainly has a steep background, it’s a republican leaning state…so its going to be a very very competitive race.  I’ve known that from day one.”

Touching on a wide range of subjects, Corker acknowledged that the president’s proposed tariffs are making investors nervous.

He says he hopes an agreement can be reached with China, before a trade war breaks out.

“No question they are going to retaliate, and what happens in a trade war is that both sides just continue to spiral downward as it takes place, so again I hope cooler heads will prevail, that both countries will figure out a way to resolve these issues without actually putting these tariffs in place.”

Speaking to a crowd of about 50 at an Erlanger Hospital meeting room, the senator touched on a wide range of topics, including his time in the mayor’s office.

“There is nothing, nothing more rewarding in public service from my standpoint than being the mayor of a city. Being in the senate, has been the greatest privilege in my life, if you will, to represent our nation and you all around the world, but also to deal with some of the most complex issues that we have to deal with.”


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