Bomb threats made at eight locations in Hamilton County

HAMILTON COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF) – Soddy Daisy Police said they got a call around 1:24 Thursday afternoon about a bomb threat that came to the Sequoyah Health Center.

Authorities said the Chattanooga Bomb Squad was brought in, the center was evacuated and nearby buildings were put on lockdown before eventually getting an “all clear.”

“We responded, secured the Daisy Head Start which is right next door to it, put it on lockdown and Sequoyah high school was in the same parking lot. We put them on lockdown as well,” Soddy Daisy Police Sgt. Jerry Workman said.

The threat sounded a whole lot like the ones described by officers that were sent via email to several other places across the U.S.

Sgt. Workman said the center got a message saying a bomb had been planted in the building and the perpetrator demanded bitcoins.

“Where it came from, I can’t answer that, but they were just asking for money and if they didn’t wire the money or the cryptocurrency, within a certain time then a device would explode,” Sgt. Workman said.

He said the Chattanooga Bomb Squad was sent out to investigate these threats at eight different locations in Hamilton County.

There was also a report of a threat in Rhea County.

“Take all threats serious. If you get a text message or some kind of threat call your local police department,” Sgt. Workman said.

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