Boyd Buchanan basketball thriving through adversity.

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee (WDEF)-  “It’s really hard to play with people that bring you down. And knowing that you have someone who’s always has your back it’s a good feeling,”

When you watch a Boyd basketball game the first thing you might notice is coach Ts excellent hair game.

“This is not Mel Gibson hair this is Josh T hair,” Coach T.

But it doesn’t take long to notice the skill and camaraderie on the court.

“We’ve been going together since ninth grade we build that bond in lockdown we’ve been friends since we got here,” said Moore.

“For me and the boys is the same when we were in ninth grade, we didn’t have a lot of confidence but now that we have A lot of confidence since were seniors and playing together brings us more confidence.

“Instead of us just adding guys like we have this guy post this guy plus this guy or multiplying. We’ve got this guy times this guy times this guy. Which, makes each other better and they know each other tendencies. They put each other in the right position it’s been a lot of fun to watch,” said Coach T.

Players like Moore have been injured during their high school basketball career but hard work and perseverance have paid off.

“This is actually my first year being completely healthy. It’s taking a toll but feels good to be back,” said Moore.

We’ve been tested the last few years with injuries and deaths and families and all kinds of unimaginable things. Illnesses, but what else can we say but this is where we’re at and let’s move on and the guys are really shown that resilience all the time.

Plus the teams number one focus is the team Regardless of what that means for them.

“Jacob chocolate was all state last year and has been hurt and his first game back with a couple games ago. Will he spent the whole for 16 games of our season coach in her younger guys. Helping them out making them better and if he gets back and being better hurts minutes,” said Coach T.

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