Boyd Buchanan Boat Races

Students at Boyd Buchanan got a chance to show off their skills, and race across Buccaneer Lake. Physics Students created, and built their own boats for the event. The boats have been made out of cardboard, duct tape, and paint.

Evan Morris, Alumnus 2017 Boyd-Buchanan, “Just the, the memories you’ll make with all your friends and I mean you’ll think back on this 20 years down the road and just the fact that they’re carrying on this tradition now is I mean it’s great just I mean it might have been the hardest part but it was definitely the
most fun was building it.”

Jason Owens, Physics Teacher, “This is pretty much a signature event of the year that says hey the years over. Cardboard, duct tape, and paint is all you can use. I’ll let some decoration maybe but other than that that’s all you get to make. Every year the kids do last year what they saw and they are so creative and so energized that they do it every year.

Basically what we’re trying to do is we’re trying to race across lake Buccaneer and if you win then you actually get a little extra credit that I’d normally don’t give out.

They turn in some calculations, tell me what how is it supposed, to float what’s the boolean force what’s the volume do; just place all these different things right and so that’s the other really kind of scientific part of it this is kind of the fun part.”

Kade Owens, Alumnus 2017, “The whole process of it where you the design phase and then the actual building phase and is how you delegate work and some people can wear these days and it really shows how a how a small company will work and I thought those are life skills you need to have.”

Jason Owens, “Parents come out, alumni. I’ve got so many alumni here this year it’s unbelievable.”

Alexis Jenkins, 2011 Alumnus, “It’s just really exciting to me that this is carried on I’m actually here to watch my youngest sibling and it’s just the boy became such a special place and I keep these traditions too going it’s just really exciting to watch it all the time.”

Jason Owens, “I’m just really proud of these guys they’ve really done a great job and it’s always fun to see what they come up with and see how well they do and once again they’ve knocked it out of the park.”

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