Boyd Buchanan Engineering Class Presents Innovations to Siskin Children’s Institute

Some kids play sports, create art, or play video games. But, the students here at Boyd Buchanan are creating innovations for children with disabilities.

Students from the Boyd – Buchanan Engineering Class presented ideas today to assist the Siskin Children’s Institute. The students were tasked to create ideas that would help children with different activities. Lisa Spurlock, a representative from Siskin Children’s Institute has been mentoring and guiding these students on their projects over the semester.

“We sort of just started with working on some ideas and things that are often barriers for children when it comes to day to day things, so I just kind of threw out some ideas and then, they ran with it…the way they took feedback and grew over the few months really exceeded my expectations,” says Spurlock.

Some of these innovations included helping kids keep toys on the table, ways to assist children riding a tricycle, and more.

“We were presented with a problem with kids not being able to communicate very well and not being able to tell their therapist what they wanted or what they needed so, especially with non verbal kids. They just can’t say things that all of us can and we wanted to make a solution to that,” says senior student Garrison Groover.

The students then created a communication device for non – verbal children. The two seniors in the group said having engineering classes in high school has been beneficial for them.

“I love these engineering classes, it just really makes the school environment that much better, it makes you enjoy coming here, so I think it’s really important for schools to have it,” continues Groover.

Senior student Visuwanaath Selvam says, “It also helps you know if you are really interested in engineering or not. Because, I know some people that are interested in it, but then they try it out and they don’t like it as much. So, I think classes in high school help out a lot.”

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