Boyd Buchanan Enjoying Incredible Turn Around in 2019

Chattanooga-(WDEF-TV) Last Friday Boyd Buchanan rallied from a 24-point deficit to beat C-A-K to go 7-1 on the year. What makes the come-back even more amazing is the fact the Bucs were 0-10 last year, and they barley scored 50 points for the season. In comes new coach Jeremy Bosken, and now it seems the Bucs can’t stop winning.

Said lineman Miller Raschke:”It’s an extreme turn-around. I think it has caught everybody off guard.”
You got that right. So what’s the secret to the turn around?
Said linebacker Preston Edmondson:”I think it’s the belief that Coach Bosken and his staff have just instilled in us that we are a good football team, and we can play football. We don’t have to be the bottom team in D-two, and we can compete with people.”
Said Bosken:”I think they have a bad taste in their mouth from last year, and they just really enjoy playing with each other. I think that’s it. They come to practice every single day with a great attitude.”
Reporter:”Any point early in the year where you were telling yourself there’s no way we’re going 0-10 this year.”
Said Bosken:”Oh we think we knew that in the spring. Yeah we knew that in the spring. Guys were getting out of baseball and stuff like that. Just seeing the talent that this team has on it.”
Said Raschke:”After the first few games everybody was like what the heck is going on. Kind of crazy.”
Talk about crazy.
Boyd faced Knox Webb in their third game.
A team that beat the Bucs 55-7 last year.
Boyd won this time. 28-21.
Said Edmondson:”I think it was on their first offensive drive. We had the forced fumble. We took it back and scored the next drive. They were like oh, this may not be the same Boyd team.”
A Bucs squad that barely scored 50 total points last year is now averaging 40 points per game this year.
Said Bosken:”Our big thing is we just want everybody touching the ball. Some games they may take away our receivers. That’s fine. We’ll lean on the run game and if they take away the run game, we’re going to lean on the receivers.”
And this just in.
Winning is mo fun.
Said Edmondson:”With me being a senior I have dealt with 5-5. 2-8 and 0-10. So I mean having a year like this is really special to me. We kind of get to restore some greatness back to Boyd.”

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