Bracketology: UNC vs. Duke could decide the No. 1 seeds in the NCAA Tournament bracket

A new bracket is up as we count down to the end of the regular season. Only three days remain and the only tournament yet to begin is the Ivy League’s. The major conferences’ top seeds will be in action, if they have not been already.

In the ACC, the semifinal we have all been waiting for will finally happen. Duke will finally get to play North Carolina with Zion Williamson in the lineup. Williamson made his triumphant return Thursday, setting a record for conference tournament play by going 13-13 from the floor in an 84-72 win over Syracuse. As good as Williamson was, it still took a while to put Syracuse away, even though the Orange was without its leading scorer, Tyus Battle.

With the Tar Heels currently a No. 1 seed and the Blue Devils a No. 2 seed, the Duke-UNC game is likely for a No. 1 seed in the NCAA Tournament. With Virginia already a lock for the overall No. 1, a Duke win would give the league two No. 1 seeds and it is possible that the league could end up with three No. 1s if Duke beats the Tar Heels. North Carolina would need some help though, especially from the SEC. I believe the Tar Heels would not be seeded ahead of the SEC champion if it is Kentucky or Tennessee. However, there is a chance they would be seeded ahead of LSU, if it wins the SEC Tournament. It is a harder sell for Duke as a No. 1 seed if they lose to UNC for a third time, and this time with Williamson back in the lineup.

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