Bradley Central Girls Making Third Trip to State Tournament in Four Years

Cleveland,TN-(WDEF) Every year Bradley Central coach Jason Reuter gives his girls basketball team a taste of Murfreesboro by taking them to MTSU for a summer hoops camp. The experience must be paying off because the Bearettes usually return to the ‘Boro in the spring for the state tournament. On Wednesday, Bradley Central will play at MTSU for the third time in the last four years.
Bradley Central started the year 1-2. Since then, they’ve gone 30 and 1 to reach the state tournament.
Said Reuter-“That’s a number you don’t reach very often. 31 wins. That’s a testament to our girls. Hard work.”
Forward Julia Gaither says a win over Hamilton Heights in November was a big confidence builder.
Said Gaither-“They were really good for us because they are athletic. They’re the ideal basketball team, so for us to be able to play with them was really good for us.”
Sophomore guard Rhyne Howard leads the Bearettes. She’s becoming one of the top players in the state.
Said Reuter-“She just gives match-up problems for a lot of teams with her length. She’s a 6’1 point guard. That’s the size of a man point guard.”
Said Gaither-“Some players are only good at driving or they’re only good at shooting or being a point guard. She does all of that and more. She has all of the elements that it takes to be a basketball player.”
Bradley Central has enjoyed many great players over the years, but the Bearettes haven’t won a state title since 1976.
Reporter-“Is it something you would like to kind of hang one up here for 2016?”
Said Howard-“Yes. It would mean a lot to us and Coach Reuter.”
To get that banner, Reuter says his team will have to be focused in Murfreesboro.
Said Reuter-“This is a business trip. Cell phones will be taken up at night.”
Added Gaither-“He just doesn’t want us on our phones all night staying up. He calls it burning the midnight oil. He has all of these little sayings he does.”
Said Reuter-“We’ve won a Christmas tournament. We’ve won a Thanksgiving tournament. We’ve won every tournament we’ve been in. Now this is the grand-daddy of them all. We’re not going just to be going. We’re going to win the tournament.”
Bradley Central will face Dickson County at 12:30pm est on Wednesday in Murfreesboro.

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