Bradley Central Wrestling Team Enjoys the Spotlight

Cleveland, TN-(WDEF-TV) The Bradley Central wrestling team has won close to 30 state championships. A program like that deserves the spotlight.
So maybe it’s only fitting that the Bears actually wrestle under a spotlight for their home matches. They enjoy a unique run-out with an 80’s classic tune firing up the team.

Said head coach Ben Smith:”The run-out was always to a song by a band called Red Rider. It was song called Lunatic Fringe. It was taken from a cheesy 80’s move called Vision Quest, which was kind of the only wrestling movie of the time.”
Said Bears wrestler Luke Belcher:”Oh yeah. We hear that song. It’s an instant, oooh. It’s time.”
Said Smith:”And over the years from coach (Turner) Jackson to coach (Steve) Logsdon, they turned into something. We got a mat lamp. Mat lamp drops. Lights go off. Musics comes on, and then it just starts. It has just kind of taken a life of its own.”
Said Bears wrestler Tyrone McDonald:”It’s amazing man being under that spotlight in front of all those people. It’s just the best feeling.”
Said Belcher:”It gets the crowd going. You are putting on a show. Getting out there. Getting to compete. Good stuff. Great stuff.”
Said Smith:”I like to think of wrestling as kind of the Navy Seals of high school athletics. We are the guys there working. We are there early. We are there late. There’s not a whole lot of pageantry in wrestling. We’re kind of a workman type sport. There is a little bit of pageantry there, but it’s just part of what we do. It makes it special.”
Said McDonald:”It’s just different. Ain’t no school do it like this. We make ourselves unique.”
Reporter:”Do you like that song Lunatic Fringe?”
Said McDonald:”Yeah I love it. First it took me a minute to get used to it, but I started getting used to it. I love it now.”
Reporter:”If you are cruising Keith Avenue in Cleveland and the song Lunatic Fringe comes on the radio, what do you do?”
Said Smith:”I might double-lick the car next to me you know what I mean. I might. If my wife is in the car with me. It’s kind of a joke. If it’s in the winter, I’ll pull my hood up. I’ll start kind of bouncing. You never know. If somebody honks at me when I’m not driving, we may end up wrestling in the parking lot.”

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