Family member pleads for answers as police investigate baby burned

CLEVELAND, Tenn. (WDEF) – The 8-month-old from Bradley County who was severely burned this week is headed home Friday. She was treated at a burn unit in Augusta GA.

The baby’s father says that he is pushing for charges against the person who was watching the child at the time because he says the timeline of the incident does not add up. He is also thinking about filing for emergency custody while the Bradley County Sheriff’s Office continues their investigation.

Interview with father can be found here.


CLEVELAND, Tenn. (WDEF) – An 8-month-old is recovering from 3rd-degree burns, and the Bradley County Sheriff’s Office is looking into what happened. The baby’s great grandmother is pleading for answers, but also soliciting prayers as this baby recovers at a burn unit in Augusta, GA. She says someone needs to be held accountable.

Kathy Newport  says “I want to know why she let that baby suffer like she did.”

Josslyn Newport is almost nine months old and officials with the Bradley County Sheriff’s Office say they are investigating how she sustained third-degree burns yesterday morning. Her great grandmother Kathy Newport says that the baby’s parents and EMS weren’t alerted until hours after.

Newport pleads, “9 hours…. I mean you’re frying bacon and grease pops on you how long do that hurt.”

Newport says that she’s received death threats since coming out with this story and carries around her handgun, but she says the goal is to get justice for her great grand daughter.

“What do you do to block out the horrific screams…I want the woman in jail. I want … if she needs help I want her to get help, but first I want answers,” Newport says.

She hopes those answers will come before Josslyn returns home and she had a message for the family member who was watching Josslyn when it happened.

“I won’t stop until I find out, You let her suffer for 9 hours 9 hours…. try putting hot oil on her head and letting it sit for 9 hours and then you’ll know how little Josslyn felt and that’s all I’ve got to say to you,” Newport says.

Sheriff’s Deputies and the Department of Children and Family Services are still trying to determine how Josslyn sustained the burns, but family members told Newport that the woman tripped over the baby while carrying a pot of boiling water.

Newport believes, “Accidents happen every day I fall every day…. but if an accident happens and the skin is burnt off a babies head… you do something you call 911.”

While the baby recovers, Newport has one request.

Newport says, “I just ask that everyone to keep praying for little Josslyn Marie… and for her daddy…and pray for the whole family. I am her great grandma, and I’m going to fight… I will fight the devil himself, but I am going to get answers that’s all I want.”

We are waiting to find out if anyone will be charged in this case. If all goes well the baby will return home in the next few days.



CLEVELAND, Tenn. (WDEF) -Detectives are currently investigating an incident that reportedly took place in Bradley County regarding a child who was burned.

At approximately 5:38 p.m. a call was received through the Bradley County 911 Communications Center regarding the burned child who was transported to Tennova Hospital by a family member.

The address was initially believed to lie within Polk County, but our agency has now learned it actually falls under the jurisdiction of Bradley County.

The Bradley County Sheriff’s Office was never notified about the details of this incident until we received numerous inquiries from local media outlets. Upon researching through the 911 Communications Center a sheriff’s office patrol deputy was dispatched to the hospital but canceled before arriving when advised the location of the incident was located within Polk County.

The Criminal Investigations Division is actively probing the circumstances that led to the child being burned, and further details will be released as they become available.

Many family members and friends have posted photos of the horrific incident, though she seems to be doing better now.

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