Bradley Co. Sheriff’s Office passes federal inspection

CLEVELAND, Tenn. (WDEF) – The United States Marshal’s Service (USMS) completed its annual inspection of the Bradley County Sheriff Office’s Correctional Facility.

The inspection conducted by USMS enables the federal agency to identify any problem areas as well as identifying the various services provided to incarcerated inmates.

It’s common protocol for USMS to perform yearly inspections on all active correctional facilities that house federal inmates. Currently the Bradley County Sheriff’s Office is contracted to lodge inmates who fall under the United States Federal Court’s authority.

Upon USMS’ completion of the inspection, Correctional Captain Gabe Thomas was informed the jail received high marks throughout the evaluation phase and exceeded federal standards.

Captain Thomas stated, “Our agency’s federal contract with the U.S. Marshal Service to provide a site for federal prisoners to be housed is a significant revenue source for this county, which was renegotiated by the sheriff’s office. Last year, the sheriff’s office was granted a tremendous increase regarding the daily housing rate in addition to a higher guard rate. It’s extremely important that we continue our agency’s compliance with the Marshal’s Service to maintain our federal contract.”

Sheriff Eric Watson stated, “Our correctional staff is committed to provide quality housing to incarcerated inmates within our jail. Representatives of the United States Marshal’s Service conducted their yearly inspection and found our correctional facility to be in compliance with federal standards regarding the safety and care of federal inmates. This inspection only validates our superior correctional staff who works tirelessly to keep our correctional facility in compliance, which would not have been possible without the dedication of the great men and women who incorporate Bradley County Sheriff Office’s Corrections Division.”

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