Bradley County Fire and Rescue Prepares for Transition with New Halls, New Hires

Three new fire halls will be ready by the time Bradley County Fire and Rescue takes back over certain areas in July.

Interim Fire Chief and EMA director Troy Spence says the new halls will mean more effective protection for the area because of increased response time… And more.

"We placed all the fire halls that we’re currently building within the biggest area of population within our county so what we’ll actually be able to do with these fire halls to serve the public is they also double as a safe room for the community," Spence says.

The safe rooms were built to withstand 200 mile per hour winds.

Business owner, Joel Towe, says the new fire halls are a comfort to the area – which still shows signs of the damage from the April 2011 Tornadoes.

"Not even a block away were some devastations to some of the other businesses so it gives us cause for concern but I definitely think it’s gonna be a, I guess the response time will be a lot quicker, and that can’t do anything but help," Towe says.

Along with the new fire halls, Spence says 42 new firefighters have been hired.

They’ve already received 460 hours of training.

Spence says more manpower will offer even more protection for fighting fires and helping with any potential disasters.

"The fire district that is covered by the contract with the city of Cleveland, we’ll be able to take those areas over and cover other areas outside of that as well," Spence says.

Towe says the increased protection is an investment in the community.

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