Bradley County Incarcerated Resolutions host awareness event

CLEVELAND, Tenn. (WDEF)- The Bradley County Incarcerated Resolutions hosted an awareness event Saturday.

This group formed because of the recent PPE shortages in the Bradley County jail.

Since then, inmates have received masks but, the group is still working on raising awareness of other issues inmates may be suffering.

Saturday was National Day of Freedom and Justice so the group got together to discuss what needs to be done within the jail.

Founder of the Bradley County Incarcerated Resolutions, Tiffany Dailey says, “They don’t have a voice and what voice they have is either through a monitor phone or a monitor video. So, it’s important that the family and friends of the people that are incarcerated speaak up for them so that they can get their word out there of wgat’s going on and silence is violence and that’s our message to people. If you don’t speak up, then how is the world going to know what’s really going on.”

There was a bell ringing in all 50 states today for all incarcerated men and women.

**National Day of Freedom and Justice**
So glad we were able to host and represent our local area in a nationwide…

Posted by Bradley County Incarcerated Resolutions on Saturday, August 22, 2020


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