Bradley County Jail Coronavirus Inmates fully recovered

BRADLEY COUNTY, Tenn (WDEF) – The Bradley County Sheriff’s Office has announced that the 33 inmates who tested positive for the Coronavirus have fully recovered.

Officials say those 33 inmates completed the 14 day quarantine process and have been cleared to join the other inmates.

PIO for the Sheriff’s Office says the sheriff has worked hard to keep the jail healthy.

“The corrections institute that we receive our guidelines from have not really mandated much when it comes to Covid. So, I think had we not taken action as early as we did to proactively prevent Covid or any other illness from coming in the jail; it could have looked a lot worse,” says Taylor Woodruff, PIO for the Bradley County Sheriff’s Office.

Officials say Sheriff Lawson went above and beyond what is required of the jail by supplying Personal Protective Equipment to the inmates.

“It should be known the institution that is over local jails has never given a mandate for inmates to have PPE. Being able to respond to that is an extra mile step that sheriff Lawson has chosen to take,” says Woodruff.

The Sheriff’s Office says the jail has now been supplied with over 12,000 masks. 

“All the Inmates have been offered a mask. I know at the time they were offered, 12 of them refused masks and since then several of them have opted not to wear them. We do offer a mask to new inmates going through the booking process, every inmate enters the jail with a mask and if inmates decide they do want one they will be replenished on a weekly basis,” says Woodruff.

The Sheriff’s office says with around 300 inmates currently housed inside the facility they are now accepting PPE donations but they ask that all masks be the disposable ones and contain no metal.

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