Bradley County Schools confirm Covid-19 cases inside schools

BRADLEY COUNTY, Tenn (WDEF) – Back to School time is here and students from Bradley County schools have been heading back to the classrooms – but with new guidelines..

The school’s reopening plan started off with a staggered schedule to help students adjust to the new socially distant procedures. 

But Bradley County schools have confirmed that four of their schools have already experienced a  coronavirus case.

“We have had positive cases at Valley View, Taylor, Bradley Central, and Park View at this time. It was a matter of when, not if. We executed the plan immediately,”Brittany Cannon, Communications for BCS,

School Officials say they immediately contacted the health department, looked at the covid positive persons location in the school and notified any person that came in close contact with the virus.

“We worked in a timely and collaboratively manner to start those contact tracing protocols immediately. All direct contacts were notified. The proper quarantining and proper action has taken place,” says Cannon. 

The school system says the majority of their students have chosen to start the new year with in person learning, while less than 10 percent have chosen the online option.

Officials say that the return of students to schools is necessary to help determine the academic and emotional needs of students, since  the abrupt  shutdown in March. 

“It is so important to get back so teachers can get in touch with their students on that social and emotional piece. Also, that academic piece and discover where those gaps are to get them on the right track to filling in those gaps,” says Cannon. 

Students are not required to wear masks but it is highly encouraged. 

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