Bradley County Sheriff working to keep COVID-19 out of jail

BRADLEY COUNTY, Tenn (WDEF) – Bradley County Sheriff Steve Lawson is using COVID-19 IDs to cross reference against the list of the county jails inmates.

The Tennessee Department of Health has provided a list of the names and addresses of those who have tested positive for COVID-19.

Sheriff Lawson is the only person who has access to the list.

Sheriff  Lawson says he only uses this list to make sure he does his part to help keep the virus out of his jail.

Sheriff Lawson says he did consult with the county attorney before signing up to receive the list.

Lawson says he felt like he had to do this to keep his employees and other inmates safe.

“If I allow someone to come in, I have the resources to shut down. To be able to know that they were infected when we took them in and get them isolated away from the general population. They get everyone infected, what am I then,” says Bradley County Sheriff Steve Lawson.

Sheriff Lawson says the jail is not allowing any visitors but you can set up a visitation via Skype. 

Currently, there is not a positive covid-19 case at the Bradley County Jail.




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