Bradley Man Faces Felony Charges for Dog Attack

CLEVELAND, TN. (WDEF-TV) – It happened last November–and it happened again Monday night.
A Cleveland man faces charges for letting his dogs run free—and for their vicious attack on a neighbor.
The owner has been warned before.

A Cleveland woman has undergone surgery she was attacked by three pit bulls about 7:30 Monday night..

CAPT. STEVE LAWSON, CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIONS DIVISION "We learned that she was attacked while walking down the road and was protected by other people who’d seen the attack and been around the area of the attack. One grabbed a baseball bat to keep the dogs off of them ."

The victim was Catherine Ann Riddle of Cedar Springs Road. She was taken to a local hospital and then transferred to Erlanger Medical Center for surgery.
The animals were picked-up by the SPCA and taken to a shelter where they are quarantined .
Thirty eight year old Billy Rogers of 572 Carter Road in southern Bradley county was identified as the owner of the animals and arrested on three felony counts .

CAPT.STEVEN LAWSON "Billy Rogers was charged with a charge…a felony charge for allowing the dogs to run loose, a serious bodily harm, and 15-thousand dollar bond was set and I think he appeared in court this morning."

On November 22nd of last year, Bradley county records show that Billy Rogers was cited when his dogs attacked and bit Adam Goins on the leg. The victim was walking on his grandfather’s property when the incident occurred. The dogs were taken away when Rogers could not produce proof of rabies vaccinations.

It’s a tragic situation for human victims and the animals according to the McKamey Animal Center.

JAMIE MCALOON, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, MCKAMEY ANIMAL CENTER "The majority of cases we see that involve dog bites are unaltered…which means they are not spayed and they are not neutered…so they have a lot of incentive to hop that fence."

Jamie McAloon added the best way to avoid dog attacks is to enact strong animal control laws and enforce them.
Riddle’s condition is not known at this time.

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