Bradley residents complain about “toxic smell” coming from landfill

CLEVELAND, Tennessee (WDEF) – Bradley County residents say they are being left in the dark after countless attempts to solve issues of a toxic smell coming from the county owned landfill has caused health concerns.

News 12’s Now Taylor Bishop spoke to those impacted by the odors and has our story.

“I love living here, but you know I would like to be able to go out and appreciate my yard and stuff when you open the front door and all you can get is woof. A big woof of whatever.”

Several residents that live near or around the Bradley County landfill say they have major health problems due to the toxic waste.

“You wake up in the middle of the night smothered, can’t get your breath, got to be leave your house to be able to get the stuff out of your lungs.”

They say the fowl smell normally occurs during the evening and early morning hours and completely takes over their homes making it difficult to breathe.

Santek has attempted to cover the smell with a Febreze like odor, but residents say it has only made the situation worse.

“When they started covering the stench with what they said was a Febreze like, it will smother you.”

I reached out to Santek to comment on residents most recent concerns and the said, “Santek continues to manage the Bradley County Landfill in compliance with all state and federal regulations. All concerns brought before us and the County Commission have been addressed with the appropriate agencies. We remain in compliance with our permit and the State of Tennessee.”

“I would really like them to spend the night, a couple nights out here and then they would realize what we are smelling. We’re not telling those stories”

Residents say they aren’t receiving answers from county officials but are never losing hope.

“They are sorta pushing these people off, and I don’t think the county is taking care of these people”

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