Bradley Sheriff talks about rise in auto burglaries

The Bradley County Sheriff’s Office is fighting back against car burglaries.

News 12’s Bekah Birdsall has the latest with the sheriff.

The Bradley county sheriff’s Office is reminding residents to always lock their vehicles especially at night.

This year in Bradley county, nearly ninety auto burglaries have been reported.

With less than 10 of those, locked vehicles.

“Generally what they are doing, they’re sneak thieves. Ok so, they’re going through neighborhoods and if you’re car is locked, generally they go on by because they don’t want to get the commotion started or noise started that might attract attention to them. We can cut back on crime quite a bit by just being proactive ourselves as individuals and securing our property and securing our car.”

Bradley County Sheriff Steve Lawson said you would be amazed at the valuable items people leave in their car unlocked.

As of this year, approximately sixteen firearms have been stolen from cars.

Neighborhoods in Northern Bradley County near I-75 have been heavily targeted for auto thefts and auto burglaries.

“We get too comfortable and believe me, thieves, burglars, they just look for an area that is an easy opportunity, and we want to let them know, we give every available means to catch them in this county.”

The Bradley County Sheriff’s Office says they have solved 39 of the 88 auto burglary cases this year.

They want residents to know they give every effort they can in solving these cases.

“They probably don’t think they’re going to get caught because they think that an agency maybe isn’t going to follow up, maybe they’re just going to come out and take a report. Well, I can assure you we go further.”

Lawson says keeping in touch with your neighbors can also help solve burglary cases.

If you experience an auto burglary, the sheriff’s office urges you to report it.

Reporting in Bradley County, Bekah Birdsall, News 12 Now.

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