Brainerd Searching For More Offensive Firepower

Brainerd has six wins over the last two years.
To get more dubs, the Panthers need to juice up the offense.
They averaged just over 15 points a game last season.
Said head coach Tyrus Ward:”That’s definitely been our focus this off season is trying to figure out how we could put the ball in the end zone as much as possible. We changed a few things up offensively that’s going to helps us out. Little bit more emphasis on our O-line this year.”
Said offensive lineman Jeremiah Hendrix:”We’re going to need the O-line a lot this year. Coach has been putting us to work in practice. We’ve been giving our all. I think we’ll be real good this year.”
Said Ward:”We have committed our whole off season to our running game. We have four running backs that we can depend on this year. They’re all sophomores and and juniors, so we have a good combination of running backs. Our defense has been strong for the last two years. They’ve kind of carried us in a lot of our wins because we don’t score that many points, but this year we are upping the ante on our offense to step up their game and help the defense out.”
Even though Brainerd made the playoffs last year, they haven’t finished with a winning record since 2009.
Said quarterback Xiyeer Lattimore:”Some guys can have a negative mind set. We want our team to go up. We want a great program. We want us to rise to the occasion. We want to win.”
Said Ward:”Right now our goal is to just win the district. Those who win the district get a chance to host a first round playoff game. That’s our focus this year. Host a playoff game, and then once we get to that playoff game, then our focus will be on winning.”

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