Brainerd Wearing Their ‘Motivational Shorts’ to State Tournament

Chattanooga-(WDEF) Brainerd has created plenty of buzz on the hardwood this season with their 27-5 record, and their funky basketball shorts.
Brainerd broke out some new shorts this season that must have been designed by a motivational speaker, given all the catch phrases littered across the pants.
The new uniforms must be paying off as the Panthers return to the state tournament this week.
One of Coach Levar Brown’s freshman players saw these new shorts on line that feature all kinds of motivational thoughts.
Brown liked them too, but he kept it a secret that he had ordered them for his team.
Said Brown-“Before they actually saw them, we talked about our theme, we over me, and what that meant to each person. So we just started throwing out one words. Toughness. Playing together. Playing hard. Being a family. Those kind of things. Then I brought out the shorts.”
Said forward Da’Jounta Ross-“We were just pointing at everything. We were happy we had some new uniforms.”
Reporter-“Kind of what was the reaction of the team when those came out?”
Said guard Vesta Melvin-“Those things are nice. nice. Everybody love them.”
The players love the unique design.
Said Ross-“I just see the area code. We over me. Defense. Hustle.”
Said Melvin-“423. I like that one. I’m from Chattanooga. That’s what stuck out. I loved it. Play for my hometown.”
Added Brown-“Just about every team we played has liked them. We get a lot of questions on where did you get those. We got them here locally.”
The Panthers first wore the shorts for their home game with Central, which they lost. Oops.
Chuckled Brown-“Yeah, maybe we shouldn’t wear those anymore.”
Now when Brainerd hits the floor for the state tournament, look for those crazy shorts.
Said Brown-“We will wear those shorts. We’re on a pretty good streak with those shorts. We’re going to wear those Thursday. Depending on how Thursday goes, we may wear them everyday. If we are the away team, we may wear them up under our away shorts.”
Brainerd faces CAK on Thursday at 5:30pm in Murfreesboro.

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