Brawl in Alton Park goes viral

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee(WDEF) – Alleged baby daddy drama in the Alton Park Neighborhood spilled out into the street and on to the internet. And now the woman who claims to be the victim tells WDEF she’s being evicted for defending herself.

It happened last Thursday in broad daylight on the corner of 38th Street and Kirkland Road.

Victoria Jackson, 22, of Chattanooga told WDEF she and her two young children were walking across the street from their Alton Park home en-route a store when she was jumped by two other women.

Court documents identify the women as Toya Morris and her mother Bonice Braden.

Jackson told WDEF the fight was a result of baby daddy. She and Morris each have a child by the same father. Unfortunately, the brawl happened right in front of Jackson’s two children.

"You hear my kids in the background crying and everything. It was uncalled for," Jackson said.

Morris and Braden won’t go on camera. But they did tell WDEF that Jackson started the fight.

When several police arrived on scene; Jackson, Morris and Braden were all arrested and charged with assault because officers couldn’t determine who was the actual victim.

Someone took video of the brawl and posted the video online where is immediately went viral before it was removed from the internet. The video shows several people involved but only Jackson, Morris and Braden were taken into custody. The video doesn’t show who actually threw the first punch.

As a result of the arrest and the video, Jackson says she was issued an eviction notice by Alton Park property Managers.

"It said I violated something against my lease and as I read through it, it says fighting on property; criminal activity on the property," Jackson said.

The video clearly show the brawl happening across the street from Alton Park Property. However, according to the Chattanooga Housing Authority lease agreement, the lease can be terminated if any member of the household is charged with any criminal activity.

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