Breaking down the 24 election fraud cases in Georgia

ATLANTA, Georgia (WDEF) – After a day of hearing evidence of election fraud in 63 cases, Georgia officials have decided to pass 24 of them on to prosecutors.

The cases involve allegations from several years ago up through the Senate runoff in January.

Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger says “Fortunately, these individual cases aren’t large enough to change the outcome of a statewide election.”

Here are the alleged crimes involving the 2020/21 elections:


— The Florida lawyer who urged Republicans in a video to vote in the Georgia runoff.  Investigators say he did in fact tried to register for the vote online using his brother’s address, but his application was rejected over the residency.

— An unsecure drop box for absentee ballots for the summer primary in Hancock County.

— Douglas County workers failing to upload a memory card with 293 vote from the November election.

— A report from a state monitor on Fulton County elections found numerous systemic problems and managerial issues. But…. “at no time did I ever observe any conduct by Fulton County election officials that involved dishonesty, fraud or intentional malfeasance.”

But more of the cases go back to the 2017-19 local and state elections.

Some noteworthy examples:

— Paul L or Ringgold charged with trying to buy votes in his 2019 run for mayor by offering a free meal to anyone voting for him.

— a candidate offering a Facebook drawing for a $25 gift car for anyone who voted for him in 2017.

— an Atlanta resident who offered prizes to residents of a senior center for voting in the 2019 Atlanta runoff.

— 2 local candidates who failed to disclose they had defaulted on their taxes.

— 3 cases (including one Arizona resident) who registered and voted in 2014 when they were not eligible.

— a convicted felon who ran for a city office in 2017.

— a South Carolina man who voted in 2 states during the same 2018 election.

— Cobb County workers who left voting equipment in a car that was later stolen in 2017.

— multiple election rule errors in Fulton County during the 2017 elections, including not determining the eligibility of 138 voting applications.

— the Pi Kappa Phi fraternity at the University of North Georgia for procedural violations during voter registration drive in 2017.

All of the cases now go to district attorneys to see if they will prosecute them.

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