Breastfeeding Billboard to Encourage Mom’s to Nurse

        After four months of nursing her baby Hank, Mary Beth O’Dell has become a pro, but she knew very little about breastfeeding in the beginning.
        "No one in my family breast fed and I didn’t know anyone that did breast feed," said O’Dell.
        After learning about it’s benefits, she had no doubt that it was the right choice for her and her baby.
        The Tennessee Department of health is posting billboards all across Tennessee to reach moms like Mary Beth and educate them on the many benefits nursing has.
        Amanda Shaw is a leader for La Leche League of Chattanooga, a non profit organization that provides support for nursing mothers and says breastfed babies often avoid common childhood illnesses.
        "There’s new research every day about the benefits in terms of protecting against ear infections.there’s studies going on now about allergies and the reduction of allergies because of human breast milk."
        O’Dell wants other soon to be moms to know that though it may be a challenge at first it’s worth it in the end.
        "Keep at it because it will get easier."

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