Brewers welcome Yasmani Grandal with creative ‘Mean Girls’ spoof during spring training

Spring training is the time for baseball teams to shake off the winter rust, get back to the grind and earn their paychecks. It’s also the time for team bonding before a long season ahead, and that bonding can come in many shapes and forms. 

Take, for instance, the Milwaukee Brewers. The Brewers and their players have decided to use spring training as a time to tap into their creative bones. The team has spent the past few years coming together to spoof some classic pop culture hits, and they’ve done so in pretty excellent fashion.

After hitting “Dumb and Dumber” last year, the Brew Crew went for “Mean Girls” this season. Here’s the end result:

Not bad … not bad at all. 

The skit contains some amusing alterations to a few infamous “Mean Girls” scenes — “on Fridays we were pinstripes” is quality stuff — and it also provides an unexpected reminder that Ryan Braun once won NL MVP! (Sorry, Matt Kemp.) 

This probably isn’t what Yasmani Grandal expected he would be getting into when he signed a one-year deal with Milwaukee this offseason, but it’s certainly not a bad acting debut from their new catcher. The Brewers should probably hope this isn’t his best performance of the year, though.

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