Bridgeport Community Park drowning, pool condition are questioned

BRIDGEPORT, AL (WDEF-TV) 48-year-old Burt Winston slipped and drowned in a swimming pool at Bridgeport Community Park.

Church members said it was nearly three hour before someone had retrieved his body at the bottom of the swimming pool. In most well kept swimming pool, Winston would have been spotted.

The water in this pool was green, with what many believed was algae, and you could not see anything in the water.

First Baptist Church held their annual picnic there and were given the all clear to swim.

Quinyada Brocks, a church member said, "I feel like they should not have allowed it to be open, period. They were told do not open the pool unless it is clear."

Bridgeport Mayor David Hughes said while he praying for the family he is "not going to comment until [he] gets the full investigation over."

This incident is still under investigation.

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