Brie Larson surprises “Captain Marvel” fans on opening weekend

Some lucky “Captain Marvel” audiences were in for something more than popcorn and soda during their opening weekend visit to the theater. They got a visit from “Captain Marvel” star, actress Brie Larson.”#CaptainMarvel herself, @brielarson, popped in to a few theaters on Saturday night to surprise fans on opening weekend! #HigherFurtherFaster” Marvel Studios tweeted, as well as other associated Marvel accounts, Saturday night. The tweet included a video of the actress walking through the hallway of a movie theater, sipping out of a cup outfitted with an image of the star dressed as the superhero. Viewers then see Larson walk into a theater, as fans scream and clap in excitement.”I just heard that I was on the cups and popcorn and I wanted to see for myself. So, thank you so much for coming,” Larson told the movie theater audience. “You guys are so awesome to come, like, opening weekend.” The video then cuts to the star walking out of the frame as she says,”Higher, further, faster,” to the audience.

The Marvel Studios Twitter account also posted multiple images of Larson behind a theater’s concession stand, explaining she “helped fans get their popcorn and soda at a theater on opening weekend!”

The film was released Friday and is the origin story of Carol Danvers, also known as Captain Marvel. The film made a whopping  $455 million in global ticket sales — $153 million of sales in North America, with its box office debut this weekend, reports The Hollywood Reporter. The film’s massive sales catapulted it to the largest worldwide opening ever for a female-led movie. It’s also the second-largest worldwide opening for a comic book adaptation, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

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