Bromance For Tiger and Phil at the Masters

Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson are long-time rivals who now appear to be long-time friends after they agreed to share a practice round at Augusta. The veteran golfers have combined to win seven Masters, and who knows, they may share a final pairing Sunday at Augusta. Mickelson has one win this year, while Tiger is rounding into form after back surgery.

Said Mickelson:”Seemed like there were a lot of people out there. (chuckles) And they seemed pretty excited. And I thought the two eagles Tiger put on them on 13 and 15 led to a pretty nice roar.”
Said Tiger:”Our friendship has gotten stronger over the years. Uh. We’ve competed a lot of times coming down the stretch in events. We were joking today about some of the stuff that has transpired here.”
Said Mickelson:”It has been tough dealing with as much failure against him as I have had, but I also enjoy the challenge.”
Said Tiger:”Been a tough road. I’ve described a little bit of it. The pain of just sitting there. Uh. The amount of times I’ve fallen because my leg didn’t work. Phil was great. He tried to help me out when I was trying to make a comeback. My body wasn’t feeling very good. How can I help.”
Said Mickelson:”I texted him awhile ago when he played at Valspar. It felt like it was a different time continuum because I found myself pulling so hard for him.”
Reporter:”Think you can probably tell where a lot of the headlines are going. This burgeoning bromance or this new friendship. (laughter) Does that feel accurate to you?”
Said Mickelson:”I don’t know if I would phrase it the way you did. (Laughter) But I don’t want to hold you back so.” (laughter)
Reporter:”You see this as I’ve heard some people calling it. The most anticipated Masters maybe ever?”
Said Mickelson:”I agree.” (laughter)
Said Tiger:”I don’t think there’s one clear cut favorite. I think there’s so many guys playing well at the same time. And I think that’s what is making this year’s Masters so exciting.”

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