Bryson Dechambeau Believes He Should Play Well at Augusta

Big hitting Bryson DeChambeau is the mad scientist on the PGA Tour, always
analyzing his game, especially for more power.
He hopes he has found the winning formula at Augusta this week to get his first green jacket.

Reporter:”When you look at Augusta National, is this a place that you should play well?”
Said DeChambeau:”I certainly believe that to be the case.”
Wasn’t the case in November when DeChambeau finished 34th at the Masters.
Said DeChambeau:”Given what I learned from the Masters last November, I’m going to be focused on mainly accomplishing how do I hit iron shots into greens to give myself the best chance to. Give myself the ability to make birdie.”
DeChambeau leads the tour in driving averaging 320-yards off the tee.
He was gripping it and ripping it during a warm-up routine on Monday at Augusta, still searching for maximum distance.
Reporter:”How far are you willing to go maybe down the rabbit hole to try and win a green jacket?”
Said DeChambeau:”I mean I’m still going down numerous rabbit holes, and I will never stop.”
Reporter:”Do you think that you are extraordinarily talented?”
Said DeChambeau:”I know that I’m very dedicated, and whatever I set my mind to, I’m going to do. I think that over the course of time, if you work hard enough, and you are dedicated enough, it’s going to look like extreme talent.”
And it’ll take some talent to navigate the track at Augusta this week.
Said DeChambeau:”I think this week will test every facet of your game. Greens are already firm and fast. We had a hole location on 17. I played Sunday. It was up on the front part of the green about five or six on. If you just got it past the hole, it would roll off the front of the green. I mean it literally moves a dimple, and it’s gone.”

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